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Welcome to MyFace Cosmetics, a website dedicated to helping your skin look and feel it’s very best.

Here, you’ll find everything you need to make the right choices when shopping for new beauty products. From product recommendations, skincare reviews, and industry secrets, we’ll give you the information that you need to navigate the complex beauty world like a pro.

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A Bit About Us & What We Believe in

Our team consists of a diverse combination of dermatologists, industry insiders, award-winning editors, and writers that specialize in cosmetology.

A shared passion for bringing out everyone’s most beautiful self brought us together, and it’s also what drives us forward as we strive to make MyFace Cosmetics a place where people can come together to embrace and celebrate both their inner and outer beauty.

What We Want to Give to You

The beauty world is filled with dishonesty – from harmful skincare ingredients to fake reviews – and that’s exactly what we want to steer you away from.

When it comes to the products that you’ll be applying to your body’s largest organ, you deserve genuine information and full transparency, which is what you’ll find here. From up-and-coming brands to look out for to the down ’n’ dirty on the brands best avoided, prepare to feel confident, inspired, and more beautiful than ever as you browse our content.

Editorial Guidelines

At MyFace Cosmetics, we take our content seriously. Here’s a little more information about our team and what we stand for.

Our Focus

When it comes to the content that we provide our readers, integrity is everything. It would be easy to fill our pages with lots of fluff, but that’s the opposite of what we believe in. We want our articles to provide you with the information you need to elevate your beauty game. We aim to inspire, educate, and stimulate your mind – we hope to be right beside you each step of the way as you diversify your skincare journey.

The Science Behind the Facts

New science is constantly emerging, pushing the skincare world into different directions. Our content always incorporates the latest in industry research so that you can make your decisions based on facts, rather than fiction. Whether it may be advice from board-certified dermatologists or tips from highly-regarded medical experts, our articles aren’t just opinion-based – they’re filled with industry knowledge that you can trust.

Our Writing and Editorial Team

We’re extraordinarily picky when it comes to choosing the writers and editors that represent our brand. Our team isn’t just good at spinning words – they have genuine experience and qualifications in the skincare and beauty field, enabling them to produce authoritative pieces that tell it like it is.


We sometimes collaborate with various beauty brands to help support the content that we provide. However, we will never join forces with a brand or product that we don’t believe in. Any specific treatments that we promote are formulas that our team has personally tried and tested. Bigging up a sub-par brand wouldn’t do our reputation any good, which is why, in addition to promoting the products that we’re passionate about, we’ll also be completely honest about those that fail to meet the mark. Any product-related thoughts and opinions you read about on our website are our own – we wouldn’t compromise the integrity of our brand by encouraging you to purchase anything that our editors wouldn’t personally use themselves.

Meet The MyFace Cosmetics Team

Natalie Carlton, MD, FAAD

Natalie Carlton

Born and raised in Miami, Natalie Carlton is a dermatologist who specializes in cosmetic dermatology. Passionate about teaching the general public how to restore skin health through the use of topical products, Carlton enriches MyFace Cosmetics with almost a decade of industry knowledge and practical skills.

Courtney Randle

Courtney Randle

Courtney Randle is a writer and beauty enthusiast for MyFace Cosmetics, spending most of the day planning and vetting the skincare product articles that go up on the site. When she’s not editing or reviewing, she’s catching up on her reading, cuddled up under a blanket with her cat, Moose.

About MyFace Cosmetics 1

Brenda Lawrence

Brenda Lawrence is a contributor with MyFace Cosmetics bringing her expertise in anti-aging, make-up, and style to us all the way from New York City. In her off-hours, she runs a weekly blog dissecting her favorite (and not so favorite) horror novels and celebrating the pioneers of the genre.

Samantha Monroe

Samantha Monroe

The combination of cosmetics, technology, and innovation has always fascinated Samantha Monroe, who has spent several years undergoing cosmetology training from some of the biggest brands in the world. Through MyFace Cosmetics, Samantha is able to let her naturally inquisitive and investigative nature shine, while also imparting a whole host of industry secrets.

About MyFace Cosmetics 2

Alina Jumabhoy

Having spent almost ten years writing for various skincare brands has given Alina a unique perspective on the industry. All of her reviews are researched in-depth, and any facts or recommendations that she makes are backed up by scientific research. With so many products out there to choose from, consumers need guidance that they can trust, and this is exactly what Alina strives to provide. Alina’s expertise ranges from acne & anti-aging, to hair care.