Have You Tried The Best Retinol Cream For Your Skin?

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When you look in the mirror, do you see smooth, healthy, glowing skin? Or, do you see dryness, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, and rough patches?

While a perfect complexion is unachievable in reality, you can likely improve what you see when you look in the mirror. If your reflection isn’t what you would like, be proactive and start using the best retinol cream for your skin now.

What Is Retinol?

Popular ingredients in skin care trends change faster than a toddler’s attention span. One thing is bad, then it’s the best, then it’s just ok but this new thing is better. It can feel hard to keep up!

Have You Tried The Best Retinol Cream For Your Skin?

As a general rule, we suggest looking for the most natural products. These are often (but not always!) the safest ingredients to put onto your skin. However, it can be tricky to know what’s grown in nature and what’s created in a lab when all of the names sound similar.

Retinol is an ingredient found in thousands of skin care products, from grocery store brands to luxury spa brands and even cosmeceuticals. If you didn’t know any better, it would seem as if this were a scientist-created concoction. However, in this case, it’s not true.

Retinol is the scientific name for Vitamin A.

To get technical about it, Retinol is part of the family of other natural retinoids including tretinoin, adapalene, retinyl palmitate, and retinaldehyde. These compounds increase the production of collagen and encourage the creation of new blood vessels in the skin. This leads to a decrease in fine lines and wrinkles with an increase in overall tone and appearance.

It’s powerful stuff! That’s why you find it in the majority of anti-aging skin care products. For example, the popular anti-aging cream Retin-A, available only by prescription, features the strongest of the retinoids, tretinoin. Over the counter anti-aging creams typically feature retinol or a combination of fast-acting retinoids.

Whichever form you choose, expect to see serious results.

What Is It Used For?

Simply, retinol creams are the best tool to fight the visible signs of aging, including fine lines, acne, clogged pores, mottled skin discoloration, night cream, wrinkles, and rough, dry patches. Vitamin A in this concentrated form has been proven to be effective at helping skin, renew itself.

What could possibly be better than giving your skin the nutrients and compounds necessary to heal itself? If you have weathered and tired skin that needs to be refreshed, with the right retinol cream, you can see dramatic results in 4 to 6 weeks.

A woman's eye
A Womans Eye

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How Does a Cream Like This Help?

Retinol creams help to increase the turnover cells while stimulating collagen and elastin production. This is what gives users of the best retinol creams, fine, clear skin. The effectiveness comes from the fact that the product is helping your skin exist in the thriving method it was created to before it was exposed to environmental and other damaging factors. Using this kind of face lotion means helping your face find its ability to thrive as it did when you were younger.

While initially approved by the FDA for patients with moderate to severe acne, it was soon determined that retinol has significant power to safely and effectively change the texture and appearance of the skin, making it look healthier and younger again. So, not only can you expect more youthful, vibrant skin, but you’ll also be less likely to experience breakouts. That’s a win-win in our book.

Potential Side Effects

For 40 years, prescription and over the counter skin care products have been available in the United States with retinoids. Tretinoin, the first approved by the FDA, is still one of the most prescribed drugs by dermatologists.

However, there are some conditions to be mindful of when beginning a skincare regimen using products with this as the active ingredient.

Woman on the beach
Woman on the beach

Primarily, as your skin renews, you will be more sensitive to skin exposure. To combat this it’s crucial to use a non-comedogenic sunscreen daily to prevent sunburns and sun damage. We also suggest wearing hats, spending time in the shade, and following general UV protection guidelines. There’s no point in healing skin that you’re going to damage again immediately!

Second, as is expected with any anti-aging skin care product, waxing can cause excessive redness and irritation. Discontinue use of retinol creams 2-3 days prior to a waxing appointment, just to be safe.

A final concern is that individuals with highly sensitive skin may find many retinoids too harsh. These products have the potential to cause minor irritations, redness, and flaky skin. Discontinuing use of any skin care products that cause irritation is recommended. However, if this happens to you, don’t give up on all retinol creams, as different strengths and formulations may provide the desired results, without adverse side effects.

All in all, this powerful anti-aging ingredient is safe and side-effect free for most users. As long as you take precautions when you spend time outdoors (which you should be doing anyway) and choose the best lotion or face cream for you, then you’ll start seeing improvements in no time.

Achieving the Best Results

Vibrant, healthy skin is achievable, with the right skincare regimen. One product, no matter how good, is not the only solution. If you are seeking to uncover the fresh, soft, clear skin of days gone by, your regimen must include the best eye cream, proper cleansing, sunscreen, moisturizer, best vitamin C serum, and the best retinol cream for your skin.

Orange fruit vitamins
Orange fruits and vitamins are really good for your skin

Sticking to a beauty routine will help the mentioned products work as described. As with most habits, consistency is key! Starting with a gentle, yet effective facial cleanser creates a blank canvas allowing moisturizing retinol creams and eye creams to work their magic. Ideally, the face and neck (please don’t forget your neck!) should be cleansed twice a day, before each application of moisturizers, serums, and creams.

Of course, the appearance of the skin is a reflection of what is going on inside your body as well. For pliable, healthy, glowing skin, drink the recommended 8 ounces of water for every 10 pounds of body weight, every day. And, don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. These healthy choices will work together with your quality skin care products to give you the luminous, radiant, younger looking skin you desire.

Vegetable basket
Vegetable basket

Finally, we recommend that once a week you use a gentle, but effective, microdermabrasion scrub. This helps to slough away any stubborn dead or dry skin and flaky patches. Select one that contains natural ingredients including shea butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba, and avocado that promote healing, and a renewal of the skin.

Outside of these habits and routines, we encourage you to have patience and experiment with different combinations of products. The perfect mix for you will be unlike the ultimate system for someone else. Don’t get discouraged. Skin care is a skill that must be learned, developed, and practiced.

Turkey Neck or Tech Neck?

We have all seen women with beautiful facial skin, but necks that are less than attractive. This points to improper care and consideration. For best results, and to keep the dreaded turkey neck at bay, use the same facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and other anti-aging products on your neck, as you do your face. Protect your neck with sunscreen, and use a scrub to keep the skin healthy and young.

Woman happiness sunrise
Woman happiness sunrise

Final Thoughts

We all can easily fall into ruts… beauty ruts, dietary ruts, exercise ruts, routine ruts. If you don’t like what you see when you gaze into the mirror, it is the perfect time to break from your current skincare products that are not producing the desired results. It’s time to take charge of the image looking back at you and try a new beauty and skincare routine.

For skin that’s wrinkle-free, youthful, and glowing, look for retinol face creams, cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, and serums that are made with natural and organic ingredients and formulated and packaged in the United States, to exacting standards. You’ll only see the best results from safe, quality products.

You too can have healthier, younger looking skin, in just a few weeks, when you use the best retinol cream for your skin. What are you waiting for?

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