LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review: A Solution for Hair Loss?

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At least 70% of us, both male and female, will experience hair loss at some point in our lives [1]. This isn’t something that’s relegated to the golden years either – hair loss has started rearing its vicious head earlier on in life, with many people as young as 18 seeking out a solution for their visibly thinning locks.

So, what is that solution? There are several products out there designed to combat hair loss, but these tend to do so temporarily. Once they wear off, your hair will look thin and sparse once again. That’s exactly why the LifeCell Hair Restoration System had us excited – unlike the rest, this one promises a permanent solution, which is why we had to find out more.

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What is the LifeCell Hair Restoration System?

Created by South Beach Skincare, the Lifecell Hair Restoration System is a three-part regimen designed to stimulate hair growth. It consists of a shampoo, a conditioner, and two bottles of the brand’s exclusive hair regrowth treatment. This is the only topical treatment for hair loss that’s approved by the FDA, making it hardly surprising that everyone wants to try it.

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How Does This Treatment Work?

Each of the three products in this system works in its own way to promote fast and thick hair growth.

Put them together and you tackle the issue from every possible angle, which is exactly what makes this treatment such a gamechanger.

Let’s start with the LifeCell Anti-DHT Shampoo. DHT is a hormone that can increase its presence in the body for a number of reasons.

It prevents hair follicles from properly absorbing nutrients, which leads to those hairs thinning, breaking, and eventually falling out [2].

Fortunately, there are several natural DHT blockers out there and you’ll find a good selection of them in this LifeCell hair restoration shampoo.

Next up, we’ve got the Hair Thickening Treatment, which is basically the conditioner that accompanies the LifeCell shampoo. This is a lightweight formula designed to fortify the hair with nutrients that encourage volume and shine.

Last but not least, we have the LifeCell Extra Strength Hair Regrowth Treatment. This solution targets hair follicles in the scalp, reactivating them so that they can once again start to grow hair.

Product Ingredients

So, what exactly has South Beach Skincare put into the LifeCell hair treatment to make it so effective?

For starters, those natural DHT blocking ingredients we mentioned earlier can be found in abundance in this LifeCell shampoo and conditioner. From caffeine to saw palmetto extract to ECGC (which comes from green tea), these natural extracts are able to prevent DHT from wreaking havoc on your hair follicles.

The LifeCell DHT shampoo and conditioner are also infused with panthenol, a form of vitamin B5 that not only adds moisture and gloss, but also slows down the hair loss process [3].

There are a few other noteworthy ingredients in the LifeCell hair shampoo and conditioner. One of our favorites is peppermint oil, which has been found to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth [4]. We also love that this LifeCell hair care duo delivers aloe vera juice to our strands – it’s a botanical revered for its exceptionally hydrating qualities.

Let’s move on to the LifeCell Extra Strength Hair Regrowth solution. The main ingredient in this formula is Minoxidil. It’s used in a 5% concentration in the men’s version, and a 2% concentration in the women’s.

Not familiar with the ingredient? Neither were we, but a little digging taught us that this medicinal ingredient is commonly prescribed as an oral drug for treating hair loss. It’s now available over-the-counter in topical form, with experts readily agreeing that there is enough scientific evidence out there to confirm this ingredient’s efficacy [5].

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How to Use the Product

This product works on two levels. The hair care products target the hair itself, while the solution focuses on the scalp. Here’s how to use both:

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Applying it to Your Hair

The shampoo and conditioner in this system couldn’t be easier to use. Start by lathering the shampoo up in damp hair before rinsing it off. Then, apply the conditioner to your locks, give it a few minutes to sink in, and rinse clean.

Going Deeper Down to Your Scalp

In order for the hair growth solution to work, it needs access to your scalp, and for this, it’ll need your help. To apply the solution, part your hair to expose your scalp in the areas that you’re experiencing hair loss. Spray the product onto your scalp six times. Don’t be tempted to use more than this – it won’t make it work any faster and you’ll only end up wasting product.

Make sure that you wash your hands after applying this treatment. For best results, you’ll need to use it twice a day.

Benefits of the LifeCell Hair Restoration System

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific benefits of this system:

Promotes Hair Growth

The main reason that this system was designed was to promote the growth, or regrowth, of hair. Whether you’re losing hair or noticing that your locks are thinning, these three products will help to stimulate your hair follicles to promote new growth.

Prevents Hair Loss

There’s no point using ingredients that promote the growth of new hair unless you’re also taking steps to prevent your existing strands from falling out. This system recognizes that. It’ll strengthen and nourish all of your older hair to keep it protected.

Healthier and Fuller Hair

We’ve already talked about how these products reactivate hair follicles that have stopped working, encouraging them to once again produce hair. However, these formulas also affect those hair follicles that have been working just fine. They’ll fortify them even further, resulting in a noticeably thicker mane.

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Does it Work?

The majority of the LifeCell reviews of this Hair Restoration System are overwhelmingly positive. People admit that they were skeptical at first, especially since the product doesn’t produce instant results. However, dedication pays off, and just about everyone that has used this product has reported new growth, along with thicker and lusher hair overall.

Prefer to trust in science instead of anecdotal evidence? In that case, you’ll be happy to hear that this system has been clinically proven to regrow hair in 80% of users. Improvements begin to occur after about 12 weeks of use, and these become significantly more dramatic after the product has been regularly used for 24 weeks. It has also been proven to help repair bleached hair fast.

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Price and Shipping

At $189, this treatment may be a bigger investment than you were hoping to make, but investing in your hair is exactly what you should be doing. There’s no point throwing your money away on products that don’t work or formulas that only produce temporary changes – instead, pay a little more for something that guarantees results.

We would recommend purchasing this product from LifeCell’s own website. This way, you’ll be sure to receive a genuine product, and will also be able to benefit from the brand’s 30-day money-back guarantee. Plus, you’ll have several shipping options to choose from, whether that’s free standard delivery through USPS or Overnight Express with FedEx.

LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review Conclusion

From what we can see, LifeCell is on to a real winner here. Its main treatment contains an ingredient that’s FDA-approved and scientifically proven to work when it comes to stimulating hair growth, which, in our opinion, makes it well worth the money.

This is even more so the case when you take the accompanying anti-DHT shampoo and conditioner into account – with this system, not only will you experience plenty of new hair growth, but you’ll also be strengthening and protecting both the old strands and the new, giving you thicker, fuller, and more luscious locks as a result.

Editors Choice
LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review: A Solution for Hair Loss? 1

LifeCell Hair Restoration System

Our #1 Recommendation

  • A three-part regimen designed to stimulate hair growth
  • Has natural extracts that prevent DHT from wreaking havoc on hair follicles
  • It strengthens and nourishes all of your older hair to keep it protected
  • Has ingredients that fortify hair even further, for a noticeably thicker mane

LifeCell Hair Restoration System Review: A Solution for Hair Loss? 2



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