LifeCell Purifying Mask Review: Does it Really Detoxify the Skin?

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It’s difficult to prevent impurities from entering our skin. They’re literally everywhere – the air that we breathe, the things that we touch, the pillowcases that we sleep on each night – there’s no getting away from them.

In small amounts, this isn’t a major issue. However, problems arise once those impurities start to build up. Excess oil production, inflammation, acne breakouts, increased sensitivities – you can expect to experience all of this and more if you allow all of those impurities from the environment around you to suffocate and starve your skin cells.

What’s the solution? Daily cleansing, for starters, but even this won’t extract any impurities that have settled deeper within your pores. For this task, you’ll need something a little more powerful, which is where LifeCell’s Purifying Mask comes in, and in this LifeCell product review we will talk more about it.

What is the LifeCell Purifying Mask?

Created by South Beach Skincare Inc., the LifeCell Purifying Mask is a rich clay mask designed to gently exfoliate the face. It promises to remove impurities while infusing the skin with essential oils that offer up a number of hydrating, cell-stimulating, and anti-aging compounds.


Key Ingredients

bentonite clay for face masks

Pretty much every ingredient in this face mask is beneficial in some way. However, some that really stood out to us when we first discovered this product were:

  • Bentonite clay – revered for its detoxifying properties, bentonite is effective at removing impurities from the skin [1] while also delivering a variety of minerals
  • Argan kernel oil – a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient that also helps to repair and strengthen the skin’s protective barrier [2]
  • Eucalyptus globulus oil – increases ceramide content in the skin [3]. As a result, eucalyptus globulus oil can help to hydrate dry skin and thicken the skin’s barrier
  • Tea tree leaf oil – has anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, making it a great natural ingredient for treating acne
  • Green tea leaf extract – contains polyphenols that provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-cancer effects [4], which is why green tea extract is such a popular ingredient in natural skin care products
  • Licorice root extract – can be used to treat a number of skin conditions, including acne and eczema [5]
  • Chamomile flower extract – another favorite in LifeCell skin care products, this flower extract is loved for its soothing and skin-healing properties [6]
  • Sunflower seed oil – one of the best botanicals out there for hydrating the skin, strengthening the skin barrier, tightening sagging skin, and reducing inflammation [7]
  • Linseed seed extract – has been proven to help with sensitivities, dryness, and skin roughness [8]
  • Citric acid – this is an alpha-hydroxy acid, making it effective at gently exfoliating the skin and promoting cell turnover

Main Benefits

As you can see from the ingredients used in this clinically formulated LifeCell skincare mask, this product has the potential to do a lot, just like the LifeCell Body Butter. Read more about this product in our lifecell firming body butter review.

However, here are the main benefits and improvements that you can expect to see, both immediately after using the product as well as in the long-term:

  • Brighter and clearer skin after washing the mask off
  • A firmer, smoother, and tighter skin texture, with fewer fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighter pores that aren’t so noticeable, leaving skin less prone to impurities building up within
  • Plumper skin cells due to increased hydration
  • Less inflammation and irritation, meaning fewer pimples and eczema flare-ups


lifecell purifying face mask

How to Use the LifeCell Purifying Mask

Start by cleaning your face and then applying a thin layer of the mask to your skin. South Beach Skin Care recommends using this

mask on the neck and chest too, so apply extra product to these areas if you desire.

Then, sit back and relax for 10-15 minutes. Once you’re ready, remove the mask with water, gently rubbing it off in circular motions to make the most of its exfoliating properties.

Ideally, this Life Cell skin mask should be used twice a week, although this does depend on your skin type. You could use the mask more frequently on oily or combination skin but may need to tone things down for excessively dry or sensitive skin. Once you’re done masking, follow up with your favorite LifeCell cream.

Keep in mind that, if you open the jar one day and find that the mask has solidified, all is not lost. Simply apply a few drops of purified water (so as not to taint the ingredients) to the jar, stir this in, and your mask will be as good as new.

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Pricing and Shipping

The Purifying Mask from LifeCell costs $78 for a 75ml jar at the time of writing. This may seem quite pricey at first, but LifeCell skin before and after photos show that this mask really does deliver on the results it promises.

Yes, you may be able to save a bit by going with a drugstore brand instead, but then you’ll be missing out on the huge array of benefits that this mask offers. Its multi-targeted approach makes it more than worth the investment.

Where to Buy

We would recommend purchasing this mask directly from the LifeCell website. This will guarantee that you receive a genuine product and you’ll also be able to make use of the brand’s 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the formula for whatever reason.



LifeCell offers a number of shipping options, from free standard delivery to overnight shipping by FedEx.

LifeCell Purifying Mask Review Conclusion

When it comes down to it, this mask offers so much more than most of the other clay masks out there.

Not only does it remove impurities and toxins, but it also hydrates, smooths, softens, and soothes, with many of these benefits continuing on into the long-term if you commit to regular use.

In our opinion, this makes it well worth adding to your skincare routine – we’ll certainly be doing exactly that!

Editors Choice
LifeCell Purifying Mask Review: Does it Really Detoxify the Skin? 1

LifeCell Purifying Mask

Our #1 Recommendation

  • Deeply hydrates, plumps, and smooths skin, making it brighter and clearer
  • Removes impurities and toxins
  • Minimizes and treats the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Reduces inflammation and irritation caused pimples and byflare-ups

LifeCell Purifying Mask Review: Does it Really Detoxify the Skin? 2



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